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HAMMER Energy Gel - Chocolate

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Fuel Your Workouts with Stamina and Energy - Hammer Gels

Hammer Gels provide the sustained energy you need to power through your toughest workouts. Our unique formula contains complex carbohydrates that deliver a steady stream of fuel to your muscles over time, unlike traditional gels that lead to spikes and crashes in energy.

Complex carbs like maltodextrin provide longer-lasting stamina so you can push harder and go farther. We've perfected the ratio of carbs to amino acids to supply energy and help prevent muscle breakdown simultaneously. Our delicious, natural flavors contain no added sugars or artificial ingredients.

Whether you're charging up hills on your bike, racking up mileage on a long run, or grinding out reps at the gym, Hammer Gels will help you overcome fatigue and reach your fitness goals. Our smooth, easy-to-digest formula won't upset your stomach even during intense efforts.

Train and compete with sustained power.

Grab a pack of Hammer Gels today and feel the difference that smart energy can make!

Power Through Your Training with Strategic Fueling - Hammer Gels

Time your fueling strategically to get the most out of your gels. Take one packet 15 minutes before your workout to top off your energy stores. Then fuel every 15-30 minutes during exercise to maintain optimal energy levels for sustained performance.

Our fast-absorbing formula delivers a quick boost of carbohydrates right when your body needs it most. As your energy stores become depleted, take another gel to replenish and avoid bonking. The key is preventing gaps in fueling so your muscles have a steady supply of energy to fire on all cylinders.

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