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Transform Plus Formula 1 with Magnesium (MgO) 2% – the Essential Secondary Nutrient!

Enhance the growth and vitality of your plants with Transform Plus Formula 1. This exceptional product contains Magnesium (MgO) at a concentration of 2%, a crucial component of Chlorophyll in the photosynthesis process. By providing essential nutrients through the leaves and fortifying the root system, Transform Plus Formula 1 is suitable for all types of plants.

With its enriching properties, Magnesium (MgO) in Transform Plus Formula 1 not only fuels the growth of your plants but also strengthens their immune system. This results in healthier, more robust roots that can withstand various environmental challenges.

Each bottle of Transform Plus Formula 1 contains a generous net weight of 1,000 ml, ensuring an ample supply to nourish your plants and promote their overall well-being.

Revitalize your plants and witness the transformative power of Transform Plus Formula 1 with Magnesium (MgO) 2% today!


  1. Elevate Chitinase Production: Unleash the potential of your plants with Transform Plus Formula 1, known to boost chitinase content. This vital element helps plants defend against pathogens and strengthens their natural defenses.

  2. Combat Fungus and Bacteria: Safeguard your plants from harmful infections. Transform Plus Formula 1 equips plants with increased resistance to both fungus and bacteria, ensuring their continued health and vitality.

  3. Thrive in Changing Environments: Empower your plants to thrive in dynamic conditions. Transform Plus Formula 1 enhances their adaptability, enabling them to withstand and flourish amidst shifting environmental factors.

  4. Ward Off Pests: Create a fortress for your plants. Transform Plus Formula 1 fortifies their defenses, making them more robust and stable against the intrusion of pests.

  5. Foster Stronger Root Systems: Witness remarkable growth as Transform Plus Formula 1 stimulates the development of long, sturdy rootlets. These roots penetrate deeper into the soil, unlocking access to abundant nutrients, and promoting overall plant vitality.

  6. Harmonize Soil and Water: Achieve optimal balance in your plant's surroundings. Transform Plus Formula 1 harmonizes incoherent soil, while ensuring water conditions are suitable for plant growth. Experience a harmonious environment for your plants to flourish.

  7. Surfactant-Free Solution: Enjoy the convenience and ease of use with Transform Plus Formula 1. No additional surfactants are required for application, making it a hassle-free solution.

  8. Safe and Eco-Friendly: Embrace an environmentally conscious approach to plant care. Transform Plus Formula 1 is free from insecticide residues, ensuring the safety of your plants and the environment.
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